I make weighted blankets but I also make weighted quilts!

Weighted blankets traditionally have large pockets, approximately 6 inch squares with cotton fabric on both sides.   Therefore for a weighted blanket that measures 150 cm x 100 cm, you would have roughly 70 separate pockets of pellets.

Although this is a much quicker solution to making a weighted blanket,  I did think that this could be done a little different and result in a far superior finished product that would drape better and look and feel fantastic.

This is why I make my weighted quilts that not only look good, but will be treasured!

My weighted quilts can be made with cotton on both sides, or there is the very popular option of having cotton on one side and minky dot fleece fabric on the reverse side for that sensory feel!

My weighted quilts have at least double the amount of pockets of the weighted blanket, therefore the quilt drapes far better as the poly pellets are more evenly distributed throughout the weighted quilt.  The weighted quilts edges are all beautifully finished by with handmade binding, which compliments the weighted quilts colour scheme.

All my weighted blankets, weighted quilts and weighted lap pads are made with the same quality fabrics and 100% Australian made poly pellets.  They also have two additional layers of quality cotton inside to help contain the poly pellets safely and keep the shape of the product.   Although it does takes a lot longer to do, I like to  ensure that all the stitching is either stretch stitched or triple stitched to help the product be as strong as I can possibly make it.  All handmade right here in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.