Well it all started when I was about to become a Grandma for the first time.   I had always loved sewing and knitting, but hadn’t done much of it in the past 25 years, so I got out my knitting needles to begin.  Only issue was that I soon discovered I had carpal tunnel syndrome, so the knitting needles had to go.  I never did get that first tiny cardigan finished!

I had noticed a beautiful elephant design quilt in a local shop and thought, I am going to make that for my Grand child, I just need to learn how to quilt!  So the quilting bug was born!  

I took a quilting class and loved it!

While looking for quilt ideas, I came across a weighted blanket which I had never heard of before.  After reading it, I thought to myself, “If only I had known about weighted blankets all those years ago, when my boys were growing up”. So the seed was sown.  I began thinking that perhaps my new grandson may well benefit from a weighted blanket to help calm and soothe him.

I had found a map of the world and thought this would lend itself to a weighted blanket.

However, I soon discovered that the weighted blankets were not to be used on children under 3 years old.  

After I explained the weighted blanket concept to my daugher-in-law, she then mentioned her nephew in Louisiana who was 3 years old and had a sensory processing disorder.   No problem, the first weighted map of the world quilt was made while we were on a road trip to Louisiana to visit my Daughter in law’s family. My first ever weighted blanket was given to a lovely wee boy called Colin.  He loves his blanket and it helped him with his night terrors.  

I then made my grandson the same map of the world quilt without weights, only big red hearts showing him where he was born, where his Grandma and Papa live in Australia and where all his extended family live around the world.  If he needs a weighted quilt later, he will definitely get one specially made by his Grandma!

I love making my weighted quilts.. They are definitely more of a quilt appearance than a blanket!    I have carried out a lot of research to source the right products to put into my weighted quilts and lap pads.
Poly pellets are direct from Australian manufacturer to ensure that I receive the same quality poly pellets every time.  Poly pellets may all look the same, but they are not.
I use good quality cotton fabric, minky fleece and thread too, I do believe you only get out what you put in!
I just think it is so amazing that I can do something that I enjoy and feel proud of, with the added satisfaction of knowing that people using my weighted and sensory products, are getting benefits from using them, only wish I had started making them years ago!
— Wendy Hutton