Ready to Ship - 5 kg Grey/silver Weighted Blanket

Ready to Ship - 5 kg Grey/silver Weighted Blanket


Please send me an email before ordering if you require local pick up or layby. I will create a custom order on website or send an invoice, whichever you prefer.

- Handmade in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Weighted Blanket - fully washable in warm or cold water by hand or machine.

- Grey/silver cotton fabric on one side.
- Grey minky dot fleece on reverse side.

Additional two layers of cotton in between to hold poly pellets securely in place.

There are a minimum of 77 pockets in the blanket.  

Approx size XL 170 cm x 110 cm.

Australian made Poly pellets which are used to weight products.

Weighted quilts, blankets and lap pads should always be used with adult supervision and on advice from your Occupational, Speech Therapist or other professional therapist.

Weight of quilt or blanket should be from 5-10% of child or adult’s weight. Again, your professional Occupational or Speech Therapist will advise.


Every effort has been made to ensure the poly pellets used in construction are secure in the four layers of fabric and triple stitching on outside perimeter.  However, as with all types of fabric, care should be taken to ensure that no damage is done to the fabric or structure. Please check integrity of products before use.

Wash on cold or warm wash, can be tumble dried on LOW setting, however, air drying is preferable, do not hang weighted products from the edge, as this could damage the blanket due to the weight involved.   To keep the product looking it's best for as long as possible, I would suggest putting it inside a pillow case or doona cover before washing. Always ensure laundry equipment is able to accommodate the weight of the products to be laundered.

Please note:  A weighted product should never be used as a restraint. In addition, the person using the weighted blanket must be able to physically remove it unaided if required .

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