Sensory Fidget Lap Pad - Mermaid Sequins - Ready to ship

Sensory Fidget Lap Pad - Mermaid Sequins - Ready to ship


Sensory Weighted Lap Pad - Mermaid Sequins incorporated into this unique design by Wendy's Weighted Blankets!

From zero added weight up to 2 kg available.

Various textures - absolutely exquisite to touch and feel!

Sensory fidget lap pads all vary, some have zips, buttons, button hole,. buckles, shoe laces. Let me know if you require a specific design - 0404 207 952

Image is an example only, each sensory lap pad will be a variation on the theme shown. If specific colours required, please email or phone 0404207952 or prior to placing order.

Minky dot fleece on reverse side, all beautifully bound with handmade binding.

- Handmade in Geelong by Wendy's Weighted Blankets

Secure stretch stitch construction. In addition, perimeter will be triple stitched to ensure no leakage of poly pellets.

Weighted lap pad is constructed of four separate layers, containing Poly pellets which are used to weight lap pad.

Weighted quilts, blankets and lap pads should always be used with adult supervision and on advice from your Occupational Therapist.

Weight of quilt or blanket should be 5-10% of child's weight, plus 1 pound. Again, OT will advise.

Children under three years old should not use a weighted product.

Every effort has been made to ensure the poly pellets used in construction are secure in the four layers of fabric and triple stitching on outside perimeter. However, as with all types of fabric, care should be taken to ensure that no damage is done to the fabric or structure.

Spot clean or gentle handwash only, air dry only, due to combination of fabrics used. do not hang weighted products from the edge, as this could damage it, due to the weight involved.

DO NOT Dry Clean.

Custom Orders Available – Email me with regards to your specific colours, fabrics and themes.

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